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Spring Harbor Mission Statement

Spring Harbor Environmental Magnet Middle School
Madison Metropolitan School District
1110 Spring Harbor Drive
Madison, Wisconsin, 53705

office: 608-204-1100

fax:    608-204-0509

safe arrival:  608-204-1108

Spring Harbor Middle School

Throughout its history this building has served the district in several capacities. Most recently we opened as a middle school in the fall of 1996. Our location is one block from the southwestern shore of beautiful Lake Mendota the largest of our five majestic lakes in Madison, Wisconsin. As our name implies, we are a magnet school with an emphasis on environmental science integrated throughout our curriculum.  

What kids say about Spring Harbor:

"Learning is easier at Spring Harbor because we have hands-on experiences. We don't just read our textbooks. We do many projects and interesting activities. This makes learning fun."

-- Spring Harbor 8th Grader

"Our school is located in a beautiful area. We are near Lake Mendota and across the street from a park. On our school grounds we have a large effigy mound which is at the top of our sledding hill."

-- Spring Harbor 8th Grader

"Small classes allow our teachers to work one-on-one with us. Students feel they have more of a say in their education at Spring Harbor."

-- Spring Harbor 8th Grader

"Spring Harbor Middle School is full of friendly faces and strong minds. It is an environmental community to which I am proud to belong."

-- Spring Harbor 7th Grader