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4 different alarm clocks with different times

We are excited to share that we will be moving from a three-tier routing system to two start times for elementary and one start time for middle schools, beginning fall 2023.


Join us in celebrating and supporting our community at the 2023 Dane County and Madison Juneteenth Event organized by Kujichagulia Center for Self Determination.

Thermometer rising in warm weather

As we transition to summer weather it is a good time to remind families and staff of our protocols with hot weather.

Two hand creating a heart with their fingers

This month we have an opportunity to break the stigma around mental health by talking openly and kindly to each other.

Class of 2023 Graduation

Madison Metropolitan School District is thrilled to celebrate the Class of 2023 this spring. Get to know some of our incredible seniors by reading our Senior Spotlights.

Lead to Liberate, a Podcast with Superintendent Dr. Carlton D. Jenkins

Lead to Liberate: A podcast with Superintendent Dr. Carlton D. Jenkins. Listen to NEW episodes every week.


Shout out graphic 3

Thank you to you, Mr. Oriedo! You are AMAZING. We appreciate you and all the Sennett teachers. You're a great team and wonderful community builders.

Shout out graphic 1

Jessie Koehler---thank you for being my tech comfort animal all year. you saved me so many times and made such a huge and positive difference in the life of our kiddo. :)

Two hands holding each other on a green background

Meredith Borchert--thank you for being my robot partner all year long. all of this wonderful could not have happened without you. :)

Two hands holding each other on a purple background

Inga Walsh, 3rd grade @ Lowell Elementary. Thank you for a great school year, Inga! Max comes home excited to share his work with us and I can tell he really loves being your student. You have struck a perfect balance between having fun and getting serious about school. He may not talk to you a lot in class but I know he thinks you're great. And his attitude and enthusiasm towards school has greatly improved after being in your classroom!

A heart on a red background

Sherman Middle School: Shout out to Ms. Clausen for working tirelessly, remaining graceful under pressure and for checking in on both students and staff. Your persistently professional and kind way of being is an inspiration to others. Thank you and please remember to take some time for yourself. You are appreciated.

Two hands holding each other on a teal background

I thank and appreciate all teachers at East high school and other staffing members for their wonderful work and dedication to our students and noted that they sacrificed so much during the pandemic because they put their lives on the line for our students. I once again thank and pray that the Creator grant them long life, good health and happiness throughout their lives. Bravo for your efforts and dedication. Yero Sabally

A heart on a green background

to miss Gilman for proving to me that I can do it even if I tell myself I can't, you are one of the leaders in our school and set a significant role modal you have changed so many lives for the better love from Ginger

Two hands holding each other on a red background

We are enormously grateful that Ms Joshi joined Kennedy Elementary school this year! She is a gifted teacher and really strives to connect and SEE each child in her class! May you have a long career as a teacher and are ever thankful for your grace and presence this year for our fourth grader!

A heart on a blue background

“Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together.” ~Scott Hayden
Katie Schieve, 4th Grade DLI Teacher at Chávez Elementary School
Ms. Schieve is a highly effective teacher who brings her lifelong love of learning to her classroom. One of Ms. Schieve's many gifts is her ability to listen, observe and meet her scholars where they are at any given moment. She makes a positive, lasting impression in the lives of her scholars, leading to their lifelong success. ¡Te admiramos, Maestra Schieve!

A heart on a purple background

This one is for Mr Heinemann at Elvehjem Elementary - thanks for being such a great teacher and creating such a safe, comfortable, and inclusive space for our children to be happy and thrive. We are lucky to have you on this journey! Thank you. Malcolm and Nina

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