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Friday, March 28th - Final Day of Third Quarter, Spanish Spelling Bee April 22nd, Box Top Collection, Pennies for Patients

The Spanish spelling bee will be on Tuesday, April 22 at 10:40am. For more information contact me: Daniela Fraboni. 

Hello all students and staff! Please bring in all your Box Tops and Campbell labels. Bring them quickly to your favorite homeroom and then turn them into Ms Goonan's mailbox or the office labeled with your homeroom name. Please try to package the Box Tops in packs of 50. Thanks. Bring as many Box Tops in by Friday as possible! 

Pennies for Patients Update: In 3rd place is the 7th grade, 6th grade has moved up a spot to 2nd place and still in first is the 8th grade.

April 11th, SHMS Fun Day (12:30-2:30pm)