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Madison Metropolitan School District


Report Discrimination

As the Affirmative Action Officer

  • Eric oversees and encourages the District’s compliance with its Affirmative Action Plan.
  • Affirmative action measures are designed to
  • eliminate the present effects of past discrimination and
  • to ensure equal employment opportunities for racial/ethnic minorities, women and persons with disabilities.

As the Title IX Investigator

  • Eric is the primary investigator of complaints made under the District’s anti-harassment and discrimination policy.
  • Eric helps students, parents, visitors to the District and District personnel learn, work and play in a harassment-free environment.

The District's Non-Discrimination policy for Students can be found here: (Policy #4620)
The District's Non-Discrimination policy for Staff and Visitors can be found here: (Policy #8012)
As the Contract Compliance Monitor

  • Eric oversees and encourages the District’s compliance with its Contract Compliance Plan.
  • The plan has two overall purposes:
    • to ensure that organizations conducting business with the District share the District’s philosophy of offering equal opportunities to all employees; and
    • to encourage participation of Historically Underutilized Businesses in the District’s competitive bid process and other procurement procedures.

In addition, Eric assists with compliance issues related to the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and helps with staff training and professional development.