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Personalized Pathways

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Helping students explore their interests and future possibilities

Through Personalized Pathways, our high schools are offering students more personalized opportunities to:

  • Study subjects they are passionate about
  • Make connections between what they learn in class and the real world
  • Practice their knowledge and skills both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Explore options for schools and college majors
  • Develop positive relationships with students and staff in the pathway’s close-knit learning community
  • Receive guidance from teachers and counselors
  • Connect with area colleges, universities, businesses and organizations
  • Tap into school supports – Advanced Learning, services for English Language Learners or students with disabilities, counseling and so on

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Students will have two options:

Health Services

  • Health Information Manangement
  • Therapeutic Services / Patient Care
  • Health Care Aministration
  • Public Health
  • Biotechnology

Health Services will continue to be offered at East, La Follette, Memorial and West high schools. Learn more about the specific theme of this pathway at each school:

East High School Public Health Academy for Social Justice

La Follette High School Health Care Leaders Academy

Memorial High School Health and Wellness

West High School Health Equity for Social Justice Community (not currently enrolling)

Information Technology and Communication

  • Computer science
  • Software Development
  • Information system management
  • Strategic communications
  • Communication theory
  • Multimedia journalism

Information Technology and Communication will be offered at East, La Follette and Memorial high schools in the fall. Learn more about the specific theme of this pathway at each school:

East High School Purgolder Academy of Information and Communication Technology

La Follette’s ITC Academy at La Follette High School

Memorial High School Information and Communications Technology through Innovation

A high school experience that’s engaging and purposeful

In a Personalized Pathway, a student will progress through their core high school content courses, from ninth grade until graduation, in a smaller learning community, allowing them to develop strong, positive relationships with a close-knit group of students and staff who check in regularly and provide support to help students reach their goals.

Core content classes revolve around a theme. Students in the pathway will have opportunities to explore academic subjects related to Health Services in and outside of school to deepen their learning and connect it to future possibilities.

Students will also have opportunities to take honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses, as well as elective courses outside of their pathway. Students drive their decisions based on their own interest.